Temples Detail history
The world's heritage site , and largest religious building around the world
Angkor Thom ( which mean the big or great city )
The Smiling faces , with the compassionate of king
The most spectacular trees and every one favorite
The most colorful & beautiful, it's unbelievable
Cambodia Public Holiday
Cambodia happy new year , Water festival + + + +
The Chronology Khmer's kings
The great country rulers from 9-13 century
The Chronology of Khmer's temples
Top development of Khmer architecture
Cambodian cities provincial size
Phnom Penh , Siem Reap , Kom Pung chham + + +
Market Siem Reap and Phnom Penh
Old Market , Central Market , Phsar Thom Thmei or higher market
New Market or Phsar Thmei , Russian market
Cambodia national handicrafts
Khmer handicraft can be found all over the country
Handicraft are an integral part of national and international tourism
Phnom Penh sight seeing
The artificial mountain was built in AD 1372
The Toul Sleng Museum ( Or S 21 , which mean Security 21 )
Choeung Ek Genocidal site ( known as Killing field )
Greeting from Soryar ( Kim Soryar )
Here is me Soryar I am working with the tourists as a tour guide and driver for more than 10 years I have guided my guests to almost all tourists attraction in Cambodia like Sihanou Ville ( one of the nicest beaches in the world ) , Phnom Penh ( well known with Killing field ) , Kom Pong Thom ( oldest temples in Cambodia ) , Preah Vihear , Banteay Mean Chey, Battombang and my home town Siem Reap . Angkor wat was built in 12 century by the great Khmer’s king , this temples had listed to the world heritage site by UNESCO in 1992 , since then number of tourists are increasing , up to year 2012 we have more than 2 million visitors visited our country even that amount of number, please feeling free to contact me as I am the itinerary specialize base on my 12 years experiences I have my own technique to arrange the schedule to a avoid from the large crowd , the most importance if you are looking form a great rememberable , real experience , peaceful , less crowd , right time and right light for photo please work with me one on one to plan your travel itinerary . We are focusing on temples but our itinerary included the daily lives , meeting people ,culture , explore and try things which you have never gotten. We confident with all these arrangement; photographer session , picnic , sunset drink , home stay with the people at the village big or small group any kind of transportations ,private bus , mini van , car , tuk tuk ox cart and others . Thanks in advance for your trustfulness on me and let me take good care of you during your staying in Siem Reap or other places in Cambodia , select the right person to get a great trip.
Work with us to plan your Trip
1. Decide How Many Days
2. Get Some Ideas of What to See

Select how many day 

1 Day

Siem Reap 01 day Tour 
One Day tour covered the most highlighted Amazing price only $ 90 per group 1-3 pax 
3 Days Siem Reap 03 Days Tour  
Main attraction + Lake Tonle Sap Amazing price $ 240 per group 1-3 Pax  
5 Days Siem Reap 05 Days Tour  
Main attraction + Lake + Kulen Mountain & Beang Meala , let catch it up with a great price 
5 Days Siem Reap & Phnom Penh 05 Days 
main attraction in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh , Come on let have good fun together 

Cambodian main attraction
Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom , Ta Prom, Banteay Srei, Kom Pung Pluk, Kom Pung Kleang
The unpredictable jewelry in the jungle , Banteay Chmar , Tom Pong Tmor +++++
Prea Vihear , Koh Ker , Prasat Thom , Prasat Prum , Prasat Neang Kmau , Prasat Domrei, Prasat Ling
Kom Pung Thom is one of khmer the Ancient city ,Sombou Prekuk temples , Prasat Yeay Pean , and Lion temples +++
Cambodia capital city , Royal Palace , Killing field , Prison S 21 ++++++
Cambodia's beach is voted to be one of the nicest beaches in the world
Ecol Tourism Mangrove , water fall, Fresh air, fresh feeling
Fresh water Daphene , Modern temple ++++++
Khmer History & Information
weather information, climate + + +
The world heritage site Angkor temples at Siem Reap , Cambodia
Information and warnings including news updates
History of the Khmer people, ancient & modern
Travel Planning Essential
Visa application. Available at arrival or online.
Cambodian money and banking. Notes on currency rates and costs
Country,Temple & Town Maps
Cambodia physical maps , map during the Khmer empire +++++
Maps covering the temples in the Angkor sight + + + + +
Siem Reap map for showing the city markets , shopping centre and other + + + + + +
Cambodia Travel Tips
Cambodia travel tips, information and warnings ( all the most importance inform for the tourist )